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Richard HorvitzAug 3, '18

Written by Wayne Gagne, the photos and article can be found on his website: 

A Hanging Gym letter.

Hi Wayne,

My 3.5 year old flighted YNA (Yellow Nape Amazon) LOVES your hanging gyms!! I have them in several rooms and she spends many hours/day following me from room to room and playing on them (I work from home). Everything you say about them is true and your bottlebrush products are the best things on the market for parrots. Believe me, I have been ripped off by so much stuff that my parrot does not use or turns out to be cheap and/or dangerous. One great thing about the gyms that is NOT true for any other similar product is that my parrot uses all areas of the gym regularly, including the very bottom branches. Something special about your design encourages the bird to climb all around the gym all the time! Even though LuLu can fly, she still loves exploring all over each gym every day for any new toys I have replaced or a different spot on the gym to nibble on the bark. Her complete contentment on the gyms means she leaves my furniture alone and I can get work done for hours on end!

Attached are some photos of LuLu hanging out on the bottom levels of the gym – you can see how much she loves it!

Trish K in NC

P.S. Will be ordering some stuff from your website soon! BTW I love you new website – for a while I couldn’t find you and had a minor panic attack about where I would get future stands, gyms, and toys, especially since I want to add a bird to my flock one of these days.

There are times when it takes a client to say it all. This letter and pics SAYS IT ALL. First, take a look at how stunningly gorgeous this Yellow Nape is. Perhaps that's the most beautiful Amazon I've ever seen, and I've seen hundreds and had dozens. The sheen to her feathers, and symmetrical body are examples of what Amazons would look like in the wild.

Every day of my life, I'm in the parrot business because I love parrots. And because of my affection for parrots, I have a hard time dealing with what's happening to most of them. There's a saying, you can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink.

Most of you have never tried my stuff. Why, I don't know. Maybe you don't believe me! Maybe you like thinking your bird needs you to give them a life. Maybe you NEVER try new things, and consider my stuff and concepts new ideas. But, after 16 years, 9000+ Play Gyms and Hanging Gyms, and thousands of parrot owners whose birds live like this one, it's no longer new.

Think of the life this bird has! He's a free bird, and lives a life of a free bird. Have you ever seen a more beautiful bird? Not sure I have!

The stuff I build is designed to allow your bird to live like this one. I'm not saying your bird should be free flighted, what I am saying is that your bird doesn't need to be caged all the time. Whether its a Hanging Gym or Stationary Gym, this is what I want for your bird. If you don't, that's your choice. But, ask yourself this, If your bird had a choice, what would he choose?

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