Why Bird Stands are Important

Richard HorvitzAug 3, '18

Having a Bird Stand is critical to the development of a properly socialized bird. Knowing by now that your bird should not play on top of its cage, on your shoulder or head, or anywhere else above your eye level, the importance of having a Bird Stand made from the proper material is critical.

We think any Bird Stand you get for your bird is better than no stand at all. However, we have our favorite, which is the Bottlebrush Bird Stand. We like the bottlebrush because it has a thick bark which acts like a bird toy, it has a durable wood under the bark which promotes gnawing (it will not splinter like Manzanita and Dragonwood), and you can replace the top perch assembly without throwing the rest of your stand in the dumpster. So whether you are seeking a Tabletop Stand, Hanging Stand, or a Play Stand on wheels, you have come to the right place! And, we will meet or beat any pricing you find elsewhere for all Bird Stands we show here. So shop with confidence that you are looking at the highest quality Bird Stands and Bird Play Gyms for the best value!

Most parrot owners care deeply about their birds. I'm sure you watch his diet and make sure he gets lots of fruits and veggies. You make sure his water is fresh, and buy the best toys available. However, if you're like most parrot owners, you've overlooked something just as important as any of the above, and something that your bird deals with every day: hard, uncomfortable, in-cage perches. Well, there's a solution and you've found it! Let me introduce you to Bottlebrush.

Bottlebrush is a decorative landscape tree originally imported to South Florida from Australia. Most wood used for parrots is hard and slippery, like Manzanita, Dragon Wood, Java Wood, wooden dowels, etc. You've been told these are good because they'll last and won't need to be replaced. However, consider this:

  • Standing on hard, slippery perches hurts your bird's feet, plain and simple.
  • Your bird's feet are designed to grip natural bark perches. Bottlebrush has thick, lush bark that your parrot will love standing on and won't require gripping and holding on to.
  • Because Bottlebrush isn't slippery, perch diameter isn't critical. Use several Bottlebrush perch diameters in your parrot's cage to prevent foot fatigue.
  • If your cage has an across-cage perch, leave it and position Bottlebrush perches around the cage for comfort. Place one in the upper rear corner of the cage for roosting.
  • Chewing on perches is natural; there aren't many chew toys in the rain forest. The bark on Bottlebrush is perfect for chewing, and your bird will love chewing on Bottlebrush branches.
  • Chewing is fun, but gnawing is critical. Gnawing is how parrots keep their beaks shaped and conditioned. Most wood used for parrots is either too soft or too hard for gnawing. Bottlebrush, however, is perfect for it.


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