COVID-19 Coronavirus Concerns - Golden Cockatoo Changes and Advice

Richard HorvitzMar 23, '20

COVID-19 Coronavirus Concerns - Golden Cockatoo Changes and Advice New Store Hours Friday - Monday: Noon - 4PM Tuesday - Thursday: Close

Why Bird Stands are Important

Richard HorvitzAug 3, '18

Having a Bird Stand is critical to the development of a properly socialized bird. Knowing by now that your bird should not play on top of its cage, on your shoulder or head, or anywhere else above your eye level, the importance of having a Bird Stand made from the...

West Nile Virus : From Uganda to America

Richard HorvitzAug 3, '18

We have been receiving many calls recently from people asking about mosquitoes in general, and West Nile Virus in particular.  So, I decided to put on my scientist hat and share with you what I have learned over the past few years about this virus.  What is it?  You may...

Toys Parrots Love to DEATH

Richard HorvitzAug 3, '18

Toys that parrots love to death! Gasp!All parrots just love to have toys – toys they can destroy, toys they can preen, toys they can yell at, toys they can dirty dance with, and, toys that can maim or kill them.We have seen and heard of many instances of birds...