COVID-19 Coronavirus Concerns - Golden Cockatoo Changes and Advice

Richard HorvitzMar 23, '20

New Hours

Friday - Monday: Noon - 4PM
Tuesday - Thursday: Close

We have made a decision changing the safe way we do business, due to so many people and other businesses ignoring state rules for Store Closings, Social Distancing and not abiding by the 10 people or less in any group rules.
First, if you see firsthand businesses violating these laws, you should immediately call the local police department non-emergency line and ask them to go and close that business or social gathering. These violators put all of our Parents and Grandparents and us at risk and must be forced to abide to protect our families.
Effective immediately, we will cease all grooming services. We suggest getting a sandy perch from us in lieu of a grooming for the time being, and being extra careful with birds who have their flight feathers (cage bird prior to opening doors or windows, or if fans are on, cooking with boiling water, etc.). We are still open for boarding, and are able to groom during boarding as long as you are boarding for at least 3 days.
Starting today, March 23, Golden Cockatoo will institute a “Drive by” ordering style to all clients (see below for exceptions to people who are 65 and older and people seeking a new companion parrot).
Similar to what Best Buy has done (I respect their smart decision) we ask local clients to either order online or come to the store and we will provide contact-less curbside service. Should you order online at and pick up at the store, all shipping fees will be refunded.  You just need to note on your order (or in an email to us at stating your order number) that you would like to pick up your order at the store.  We will then call you when your order is ready to pickup.
If you decide not to order online and drive to the store, then just drive to the store during our new business hours, call us at 954-725-0088 when you arrive during our new business hours (listed below) and a staff member will come out to take your order. We ask if you are able to please go online and have a shopping list ready so as to reduce the safe Social Distancing time. We will wait on people one at a time so thank you in advance for your patience. To pay for this type of order, we prefer a credit card so we can come outside with a Square portable credit card processing machine so you can safely pay for your order from the safety of your car. We will still accept cash but will have to go back and forth into the store.
About lines for driving by picking up or ordering, everyone has been very kind and orderly, we are very well stocked, and as long as people buy what they require for a month (the way most of you shop anyway) then we will continue to have a fully stocked store.
There are two exceptions to the above restrictions: People over 65, and people wanting a pet companion parrot.
The store will be open to clients 65 and older only (and up to three others 65 and older companions and/or their caretaker) during our new business hours. We have a limited staff, and these clients will have priority over all other clients. If you are in this group and need further assistance then please call Rick or Ian and we will take care of your needs. Again, thank you for respecting our decision and your elders who are most susceptible to this scourge. 
For clients wanting a new companion parrot, we will allow a family of no more than 6 to enter the store AFTER any client over 65 has finished their transaction.
If we notice anyone sweating, coughing or sneezing then we will ask that person to leave the store. If you have the virus and must shop then kindly do so online. If you are unable to do so then call us and we will find a solution.
As long as supplies last, we will ask anyone entering our store to wear a surgical mask (we will provide the mask) and to allow us to spray sanitizer on their hands. If you do not permit us to take these preventative actions then we ask you to order online.
Even though I am not a Doctor, from what I have read everyone should do the following to build your immune system (this is what me and my immediate family are doing):
  1. Keep your nasal cavity moist with Saline or a Zinc-type swab
  2. Drink hot water and a half lemon squeezed then cut up into slices and keep in the water (add honey as well if you like)
  3. Take as much vitamin C as you are able
  4. Stay well hydrated, drink a lot of water
  5. Take Zinc lozenges as Zinc has been found to be a very effective barrier against Covid-19
  6. Stay well rested and keep calm. This too shall pass.
Of course the above is in addition to all else you have been hearing. If you are unable to find a surgical mask then use a bandana - it’s better than nothing.
We are here for all of you as we have been for the past 25 years and will do whatever we can to make certain your companion birds and you are safe.
Rick & Ian