Legal Identification of your Parrot

Richard HorvitzAug 3, '18

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As many of you in Florida may have seen in the local papers, there is a feud going on between two people (both of whom happen to be our clients). One woman lost her parrot over three years ago. The other woman found her parrot over three years ago. The woman who lost her parrot believes that she can identify it by the wrinkles on its face, the scales on its feet, and by the way the bird reacts to her. You would think that if did something like turn your head to the side and said "Good Morning Grey, how are you" and the bird answers "Fine, Angela, how are you," and your name was Angela, then the police would surely think it was your bird, right? And, you showed them pictures of your bird's feet and face, showing them distinguishing characteristics, then they would absolutely think it was your bird, right?


To legally identify your bird, you need to:
1) have an ID band on the birds leg, and/or
2) have an AVID chip inserted in the chest of your bird, then register the bird with AVID.

Since leg bands are easy to remove, it is better (for a larger bird) to have a chip installed. Even though it is not impossible to remove the chip, it is very difficult. Backos Bird Clinic is one of the Board Certified Avian Vets that can install these chips for about $40, depending on the size of your bird (registration is extra and done directly with AVID). Not all birds can have the chip installed.

So if you would rather be safe than sorry, then go get your bird chipped!

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