Bird Cage Perches & Swings

Bird Cage Perches come in many varieties of materials, sizes, and shapes.

We have found that natural perches are the best for birds as they have a varying diameter which serves to give the Parrot's feet exercise. This exercise in turn aids in blood flow and reduces the likelihood of the Parrot developing arthritis in its' feet.

Proper diameter is important as well, and we mention below which bird cage perches are appropriate for the type of Parrot that you have.

We do not prefer wood dowels (same diameter, slippery) nor do we condone the use of PVC or plastic perches (slippery, birds can not easily chew or destroy them, and we have found birds do not prefer bird cage perches or play gyms made from dowels or plastic. As well, in our store, if we have a natural perch or play gym beside a plastic or PVC bird perch or parrot play gym, our clients will choose the natural bird cage perches 20 to 1.)

So we offer you bottlebrush bird cage perches (in our humble opinion, the best choice) and perches made from coffewood, dragonwood, and manzanita.

Please call us with any questions about how to choose appropriate bird cage perches for your Parrot.