Birds LOVE Sisal Perches

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Home Birds LOVE Sisal Perches
Home Birds LOVE Sisal Perches
  • Safe Materials: Eco-friendly, natural sisal and wood perch, that are bird safe materials. 
  • Easy to Install: Attaches to sides of cage, or between cages. Customize it to give different options to your feathered friend
  • Stimulates Exercise: Provides an outlet for pecking which could deter feather picking, and improving grip strength. They can climb or roost
  • Tested by the Expert: Our flock of over 50 Parrots, who gave this perch their Beak of Approval!
  • Perfect for: all medium sized birds like Caiques, Sun Conures, Yellow Naped Amazons, Blue Fronted Yellow Crown Orange Winged Amazons, Mini Macaws Severe, Lesser Sulfer Crested Cockatoos, Ecletcus, Pionus Queen of Bavaria Cunures will all LOVE it