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We will meet any Branded Bird Cage landed price advertised on the internet or at any other store, plus we will give you 20% off all cage perches at the time of pickup! Valid in store only.

For online clients: We Will Meet Any Delivered Price. Call for details. We will NOT be Undersold!!!

Before getting a cage, make sure you are getting an appropriately-sized cage for your parrot. Our staff is always glad to help customers choose the right cage for their parrot. When it comes to cages, bigger is always better! At minimum, the parrot should be able to fully extend its wings while inside the cage. Bar spacing is also critical. Bar spacing that is wider than the distance between your bird's eyes is too big. Bar spacing must be small enough that your bird cannot fit its head through the bars; this can and will lead to injury.

You must also consider how destructive your bird is. If you have a bird that does not leave the cage metal alone and is always chipping off the paint, then you should seriously consider a stainless steel cage. Although stainless steel can oxidize (or rust) it is easily cleaned and, unlike other cages, is not toxic to parrots.

Also, a word of caution regarding play-top cages: yes, they are convenient for humans, but parrots tend to become aggressive when they are on top of their cage and are higher than your eyes. Over time, you will notice that this aggression grows. It is best to get a separate play-stand that is below your eye level for the ideal parrot experience.

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