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Home Powder Coated Bird Cages
All of our powder coated cages use non-toxic paint that has been tested for lead, heavy metals, and pesticides. "Powder coating" simply refers to the process used to seal the raw metal cage so that birds do not ingest any of the metal, which can be toxic.

The process is similar to the process used to paint cars. The metal is given a positive magnetic charge, and the paint (in the form of powder) is given a negative magnetic charge. The metal parts are then hung up on an assembly line, sprayed with the opposite-charged powdered paint (which causes the powdered paint to adhere to the metal surface), and then the coated metal is directed into an oven which heats the powder and causes it to melt, forming a smooth, durable, safe coating over the metal.

Even though this coating is durable, some parrots work on the finish more than others and chip off the powder coating. If you have an especially destructive parrot, or if you have a parrot that has metal toxicity isues, then we highly reccommend that you consider a stainless steel cage.

The cages listed below normally last 3-7 years. Pet Focus is reccommended for cleaning. It is not neccessary to take your cage outside to power wash it - in fact, doing so will reduce the life of your cage as it will cause rusting and chip off any loose paint. All cages can be cleaned indoors if done on a daily basis. A few minutes a day will save you hours later on.


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