Yellow-Crowned Amazon Parrot



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Yellow-Crowned Amazon Parrots are generally well behaved and considered to be kid-friendly. They are a great addition to any household. Highly intelligent and talkative.

Physical Description: The Yellow-Crowned Amazon averages 10-13 inches from head to tip of its tappered tail. The plumage of the Yellow-Crown is mostly green. Yellow markings are found on the crown of the bird. The color of the yellow crown is not as vivid a yellow as is found on the DYH Amazon. The wings of this bird are beautiful with its primary and secondary feathers possessing a violet-blue at the tips and outer webs and they have red markings at the bend of the wing. Their beautiful blue and red markings are typically not seen when the bird is perched. This bird has a dark bill with a large horn or reddish spot on the upper mandible.

Average Lifespan: Yellow-Crowned Amazons average lifespan is 35-50 years in captivity.

Sexing: Like most Amazons, this bird is not sexually dimorphic therefore a DNA test must be performed to determine sexing.

Origin: East Central and south-eastern Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and the northern and eastern Amazon Basin in Brazil.

Loudness: The Yellow-Crown is an even tempered Amazon, and as a result they make excellent pets. Like most birds they will have a “calling” time usually in the morning or early evening hours. They are good talkers and as a result there boisterous calls are typically in that of a human voice. This bird can be loud so if you are sensitive to the sounds of an active pet this may not be your bird, however they can make up for their loudness with loyalty and love.

Trainability: The Yellow-Crown Amazon is known for its playful antics and talking abilities. Their playful and friendly personalities make them excellent pets. They are an easily trained bird and are known to be very active. If given the space to play and move they can live a very healthy and playful life. Like all Amazons, the Yellow-Crown loves to chew so it is very important to make sure that they have sufficient safe toys consisting of combinations of wood, leather and other natural products to keep them occupied. Don’t worry if your bird destroys his toys – that is a sign of a healthy and happy bird.

Pricing: A well-socialized, weaned baby will cost $1,000 or more.

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Since we have 100% control over the bird's environment at our store, but have no control over the bird once it leaves, we can only guarantee the bird for the first five days. We guarantee that when the bird leaves the store that it has been properly socialized, and that it is 100% healthy. Your new bird has been given an excellent start here at Golden Cockatoo, and it is now your responsibility to properly care for your bird. We are always here to help you take the best care of your bird with the biggest variety and best quality bird products available in the world.

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