Sweet Feet & Beak 7-inch Diameter Super Shredder Ball, Large


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Sweet Feet and Beak 7-Inch Diameter Super Shredder Ball is a small shreddable bird toy. This hand woven ball is made of an all natural mesh and stuffed with vibrant-colored paper streamers, blocks, balls, and other wooden pieces. This bird toy features a sturdy chain and quick locking connector to easily hang from the bird cage. This shredder ball provides your pet bird with hours of fun and helps foster problem-solving skills.

  • MADE WITH ECO-FRIENDLY jute mesh bird toy filled with food-dyed colored blocks, beads and spools
  • FOR SMALLER BIRDS- 3 inches in diameter
  • DURABLE BIRD TOY- Features a sturdy chain and quick locking connector to hang from bird cage
  • STIMULATES YOUR BIRDS MIND, Keeps the minds of curious bird active