Stainless Steel Bell Large


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Most people find the Stainless Steel bells to have a tone that is much more pleasing to the ear than other bells on the market for parrots. Many parrot owners complain that they cannot allow their birds to enjoy playing with bells because the sound drives them crazy. The Stainless Steel bells are not so ?clattery? and have a more melodious tone. If it?s the repetition of the sound that bothers you, perhaps you should consider leaving your bird?s bell in his cage only when you?re away from home. But birds really do enjoy bells and it is best if your parrot is allowed to experience the joy of making his own music. Because these bells are Stainless Steel they are easy to clean (they can even be put in the dishwasher if you wish) and are practically impossible to break. This is the larger size and is great for Amazon Parrots and larger birds. If you have a smaller bird that would enjoy these bells, please take a look at our smaller size.

Dimensions 9x2