Birds LOVE Parrot Hut for Small Birds


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Washable and durable sleepy hut to hang from your parrot's cage. Keeps birds warm and provides a hiding spot. Good fit for small extra birds. Size is 6X7X8 inches including the quick link. Made of fleece and fabric with a plastic mesh insert base.

1- Washable and durable: bird hut made from fleece and fabric, and a hard plastic board at the bottom

2- Healthy & Happy Bird: Helps reducing stress by providing a rest and hide haven. Encourages natural bird behaviors.

3- For Small Birds: Sun Conures, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Parrolets, Lovebirds, Small Lories, Budgies and similar sized birds

4- Dimensions: this bird nest measures 6" x 7" x 8 (including the quick link). Perfect fit for bird's cage

5- Shipped from USA: This Birds LOVE toy is proudly sold by an American company and shipped from the USA to you!