Kaylor of Colorado Safflower Seed 2lb



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Safflower seeds provide a nutritious, high protein seed for wild birds, while discouraging squirrels! Use safflower seeds to create a seed mix of your own. 

Nutritional safflower seed attracts cardinals, titmice, chickadees, and finches while deterring pesky intruders. Squirrels and blackbirds dislike the taste of safflower, so they'll leave your feeder alone. High in protein and energy value, safflower offers the nourishment wild birds need. Nitrogen-flushed and sealed to keep seeds fresh and insect-free. Gradually mix in with other seed. Approx. 1 lb per quart.

No better choice for when you want to create a seed mix of your own. Individual seed bags allow you to pick and choose. Gives wild birds a variety of seeds at a reasonable price, and minimizes waste because they won't have to sift through seeds they don't like.