Replacement Assemblies For Bottlebrush Floor Play Gyms, Medium


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Normally, after one to four years of daily usage, most bird play gyms will need to be replaced. Bottlebrush play gyms were specifically designed so that so you can re-use or recycle the majority of your old bird play gym!

Please remember, because these perches are natural there may be variation in how they look. If you would like to specify any features such as extra branches, or notches please let us know.

Every Bottlebrush bird Play Gym is made so that you can keep the trays, pedestal (if any), Aluminum pieces, casters (wheels), and simply replace the bird perch assembly!

Not only great for your bird and the environment, it is easy on your wallet!

Just choose the appropriate replacement bird perch assembly below and we will have it shipped to you about a week after you order it (they are made to order).

Customer Reviews

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Carol Olson
Bottlebrush play gym

My goffin cockatoo loves bottlebrush and we are on about the 4th gym. We buy replacement branches when needed and it keeps him very busy. Very well constructed and just the right size for him, medium.

Kristen Levine
Perfect replacement for perfect stand

Please make all sizes! :-) thanks Wayne.