Polly's Pet Products Pastel Perch, Extra Large


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Enjoy handling your bird without scratches or uncomfortable piercing nails. This therapeutic perch is designed by vets to trim your bird's nails and beak naturally and promote healthier feet and leg muscles through its varied thickness and shape. Designed for Cockatoos and Macaws, it is non-chewable and indestructible for most birds and is made from thermal insulated material that maintains a comfortable temperature in all conditions, with a textured non-slip surface proven safe for birds' feet. The perch measures 2.5" maximum in diameter and 14" in length.


Mount the perch with the oval side upwards (profile should look like an egg standing up) and higher than exisiting ones, with the perch and one washer on the inside of the cage and the wing nut and plate (or washer) on the outside.

Cleaning: Soak in mild soap and water solution then rinse thoroughly (some colour fading will occur with bleach or dishwasher detergents). The colour is non-toxic, will not rub off and is proven safe for birds with no paints or oils used.


1 x Polly's Pet Products Pastel Feather Weight Perch Extra Large Long Green max 2.5" dia x 14" long