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Farm Fresh Spray Millet. Nemeth Farms has twenty years of experience in growing Spray Millet. Birds have proven that they love the taste and prefer Nemeth Farms' Spray Millet. The Spray Millet is hand harvested, hand graded and packed. No Mechanical devices have been used from harvest to packing to ensure quality in every box. Test for yourself. You'll find that your birds will prefer the quality and freshness. It's a Natural and Nutritional treat for all tropical and outdoor birds alike.


  • PERFECT TREAT: This millet for birds is the tasty organic bird seed your pet will love. This spray millet holder provides millets bird owners will appreciate because this is millet cockatiel, finches, lovebirds, parakeets and more will love.
  • EASY STORAGE: This bird millet spray can be stored in a cool environment with no issues or complications, and it does not attract other bugs. This is more than goldfinch food; this spray millet bird treat is a true bonding spray for you and your bird.
  • HAND HARVESTED: The best parakeet food requires the best-grown millet. Our spray millet for parakeets is hand-harvested, hand-graded and hand-packed, with no mechanical devices used in the process. Your bird is a beautiful product of nature; let him or her eat natural spray millet for the best in flavor, comfort, and health.
  • 25 POUNDS: This twenty-five pound bulk millet spray for birds ensures not only that you will get a cost-effective millet for parakeets, you also won't run out too soon.
  • BUILDING BLOCKS OF HEALTH:  This organic millet spray can be sprouted to provide canary millet spray in the healthiest way possible. This healthy select parakeet bird spray is a natural and enjoyable way to give your love birds food high in amino acids - the building blocks of a healthy life.

Customer Reviews

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Not the freshest seed

My order was delayed but it was all sorted out and the package eventually arrived in good condition. The sprays themselves are not German millet (as pictured in most of the customer reviews) but are the tiny, dark yellow millet variety that my birds do not like as much. The sprays were well packaged but do not strike me as very fresh although I have not yet conducted a germination test. If I get poor germination on this batch, I will be back to adjust my review rating. Fairly annoying because I insisted on a fresh (no older than last year's) crop and was assured it would be. Will not purchase millet from these folks again.