TOP's Napoleon's Seed Mix - 5 Lb



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  • All natural human-grade healthy choice bird seed mix for parrots - USDA Organic Certified and non-GMO
  • Perfect for smaller parrots like cockatiels, parrotlets, conures, quakers, lovebirds and parakeets (budgies)
  • Corn & Soy free: No Artificial Preservatives like BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin. No artificial colors, flavors, artificial vitamins, or sucrose/sugar added.
  • Feed it to your bird dry or soak one part in three parts of room temperature water for between 8 and 10 hours. Drain, rinse with water and feed to your parrot. You can also add some apple cider vinegar, rinse again with fresh water, and serve.

Many small parrots are ground feeders. That means a good amount of their daily food consists of seeds. Many of the seeds they eat in the wild are germinated. When seeds germinate (soak up/absorb humidity), they get ready to provide the necessary boost of nutrition for a plant to develop and grow.

All of this nutrition is awakened when the seeds are soaked or germinated.

Soak TOP's Napoleon’s Seed Mix and it releases this nutrition to the birds.