Medium Triangle Swing


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Many birds enjoy swinging, but unless you have the perfect swing "with wood of the perfect hardness and perfect diameter" your bird may have a little trouble. In fact, some bird owners believe that their bird does not like to swing, when the reality is that he just isn't comfortable on the swing he's got! These triangle-shaped swings can help. They are covered with soft cotton rope that allows your bird to get a better grip on the swing. With one of these rope swings, your bird is not forced to balance himself carefully on his swing. Instead, he can hang, swing, and play without a care! The rope is comfortable on your bird's feet and makes it difficult for your bird to slip off the swing. The shape of the swing is also beneficial because it is easier for your bird to climb on and off. With most swings, parrots have to either plan a dangerous leap to the nearest perch or climb straight up to the top of the cage. The slope of our triangle swings allows your parrot to easily climb to the top of the swing and safely use the top of his cage as a ladder to his favorite perch. Our triangle swings come in two different sizes; this is the larger size. If you have a smaller bird that might enjoy this toy, please see our other size.

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