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Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

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Physical Description:
This cockatoo, often called a Pink cockatoo because of its pale pink color, is named for Major Sir Thomas Mitchell, an explorer and surveyor of Southeast Australia in the 1800s. It has soft white and salmon-pink feathers and a large, bright yellow and red crest, and is generally regarded as the most beautiful amongst the cockatoos. Its underwings are orange-pink and the flight feathers are white. Males have dark brown eyes, and females pink or red eyes.
Mating Habitats

Major Mitchell’s cockatoos are monogamous, forming life-long pair bonds. In the mating season, the males attract female birds by strutting along branches while bobbing their heads up and down with raised crests. The mating season is between August and October. Male and female both build their nest by gathering pebbles and bits of wood. The same nest can be used year after year. Mating pairs are very territorial, needing to nest at one kilometer or more from other pairs. The female lays two to five eggs at the rate of one egg every 2 to 3 days. The incubation period is 23 to 30 days, the young remaining in the nest for a period of six to eight weeks prior to fledging. The fledglings continue to be fed, mostly by the male, for 8 more weeks. The young and their parents form small, family groups, staying together for a period of time after the young have reached independence. Juveniles are sexually mature at 3 to 4 years old.

INDEPENDENT AGE: 14-16 weeks
BABY NAME: chick
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Bird Guarantee only lasts for the first five days
Since we have 100% control over the bird's environment at our store, but have no control over the bird once it leaves, we can only guarantee the bird for the first five days. We guarantee that when the bird leaves the store that it has been properly socialized, and that it is 100% healthy. Your new bird has been given an excellent start here at Golden Cockatoo, and it is now your responsibility to properly care for your bird. We are always here to help you take the best care of your bird with the biggest variety and best quality bird products available in the world.

Lifetime Guarantee on our Birds
We guarantee that if during your lifetime, you are no longer able to properly care for your bird, or give your bird the attention it need's, we will accept the bird back on consignment and will find another great home for your bird. We do take a 40% commission and charge a nominal daily fee to feed and clean, but you can rest assured that you always have a place for your bird should the need arise. We are the only store in Florida to offer this guarantee as of the year 2000.

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