Birds LOVE Coconut Fiber Burrito Parrot Toy

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A natural woven mat rolled and stuffed with coconut fibers and decorated with chewable colorful plastic toys  Perfect to encourage foraging instincts, adding treat inside will peak their attention.  Great for birds that like to untie knots. Measures approximately 14 inches tall by 9 inches wide suspended with a strong rope and a quick link for easy cage placement. 

1- Bird Safe Materials: a natural woven mat rolled up and stuffed with coconut fiber plus vibrant colorful plastic parts and rope

2- Foraging Fun: a toy that alleviates cage boredom and encouragesbird's natural behavior to forage. Hide treat inside this burrito to increase the challenge

3- For Medium Birds: African Greys, Caiques, Mini Macaws, Goffin Cockatoo, Pionus, Queen of Bavaria Conures, Quaker Parakeets, Senegals will enjoy this hanging toy

4- Dimensions: measures 14'' x 9''x 4" approximately (incuding c-link and hanging rope). Perfect fit for your medium bird's cage

5- Shipped from USA: This Birds LOVE toy is proudly sold by an American company and shipped from the USA to you!