LIXIT Chew Proof Glass Water Bottle 16oz


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The Lixit Chew Proof Glass Small Animal Water Bottle is a heavy-duty glass water bottle that’s made for small animals and birds. Because the reservoir is made of glass, your pet won’t be able to chew on it, and it comes with a chew-resistant plastic cap. It’s ideal for small pets like chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets and also great for birds like cockatiels, conures and lovebirds.

Key Benefits

  • Critters can’t destroy it by chewing because it's made from durable glass.
  • Easily attaches to wire cages, so it's quick to remove for refilling.
  • Ideal for small animals and birds, it also has a chew-resistant plastic cap.
  • Stainless steel drinking tube can be easily sanitized.

Made in the USA!