Lesser Cockatoo



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The Lesser Sulphur-Crested cockatoo is, as the name suggests, a species that looks like a small version of the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo. These birds are entirely different species though. The scientific name of the  Lesser Sulphur-Crested cockatoo species is Cacatuasulphurea.

This bird has white feathers, with a yellow crest and a yellow patch under the wings. Some subspecies of this species have an orange or yellow patch on their cheeks. The bill and feet are black.

This is a very popular species of cockatoo to be kept as a pet. They are intelligent, learn tricks easily and can get really affectionate. Just like all cockatoos, they can make very loud noises, need a lot of attention and like to bite in furniture or other things they can find.  They can learn to imitate speech, but not as well as some parrots.