Java Wood Ball Thing Bird Toy Small


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  • Made with all-natural renewable resources that are responsibly harvested
  • Each wicker ball is individually knotted so removal will not affect toy in any way
  • Hang anywhere with steel chain

A multitude of sturdy wicker balls keeps your bird guessing, no matter where he is on this exciting toy. Your bird climbs around and inside, chews at super-hard java wood, preens the sisal at the bottom of the toy, and then climbs back up again to search for food treasures you put inside wicker balls. He'll have fun for hours!

Each wicker ball is individually knotted, so that if one is removed, the whole toy is not affected. Interaction and foragaing opportunities abound as you surprise your bird by stashing treats throughout the toy. Java wood pieces in many sizes stand up to your bird's chewing no matter what beak size! Sisal rope is perfect for preening or chewing. Sturdy toy stands up to the toughest bird and is a great addition to your bird's toy collection. Steel chain and hanging hardware included. Small for parakeets to conure-sized birds, Medium for conure to Amazon-sized birds, and Large for Amazon to macaw-sized birds.

Size: 7" diameter x 11" long