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 <div id="tab-1" class="tab active">Physical Description: Jardine parrots are very striking birds. Their plumage is an iridescent green with black speckling across the back and wings. They look as if someone took the time to paint each feather by hand. Juveniles will lack any other coloring, but as they age, most will develop bright orange patches on the forehead and “shoulders.” Some subspecies develop more orange, some develop less. Unless you know the exact source of your parrot, it will be hard to guess how much orange your adult bird will have. Their beaks are two-toned – the upper portion is horn colored, while the lower portion is black.</div>
 <div id="tab-2" class="tab">Average Lifespan: 30 – 60 years

Sexing: Sexing these birds requires a DNA test, as they are not sexually dimorphic (you cannot tell the sex just by looking at them).

Origin: Africa (Specifically, Cameroon to northern Angola)

Trainability: Jardine’s parrots are playful medium-sized birds with big personalities. They are extremely affectionate with their caretaker and other favorite people, but can by shy and reserved around strangers. They are easy to trick train, and enjoy entertaining their humans with acrobatics and playful antics. Most will learn to speak. They will pick up on key words and phrases that get them what they want, and will mimic sounds they like from their environment. These parrots appreciate a large cage with plenty of room for toys. Many times Jardine parrots revert back to being wild, so we do not suggest you ever hand feed these parrots.

Loudness: Jardine’s parrots typically do well in apartment homes when they are trained from a young age. Like all birds, they can get a little noisy when they are involved in a rough-and-tumble game, but otherwise they are mellow and usually quiet.

Pricing: Jardine parrots are moderately priced. Feel free to call our store at (954) 725-0088 for pricing and availability.</div>
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 <div id="tab-4" class="tab"><strong>Health Guarantee of Our Birds</strong><br/>
We have the strongest bird guarantee in the country, and more importantly, we stand behind our guarantee. The guarantee is simple: We guarantee that we are selling you a perfectly healthy bird. To verify that guarantee, within five days you need to go to an Avian Vet and get any and all testing you prefer to do on your bird, at your expense. We can guide you as to the tests we suggest. If the results are not perfect but the bird can be easily treated, then we pay for all medications and all treatment. If the results are unacceptable then we either replace your bird or refund 100% of the purchase price of your bird, at our option.<br/><br/><strong>

Bird Guarantee only lasts for the first five days</strong><br/>
Since we have 100% control over the bird's environment at our store, but have no control over the bird once it leaves, we can only guarantee the bird for the first five days. We guarantee that when the bird leaves the store that it has been properly socialized, and that it is 100% healthy. Your new bird has been given an excellent start here at Golden Cockatoo, and it is now your responsibility to properly care for your bird. We are always here to help you take the best care of your bird with the biggest variety and best quality bird products available in the world.<br/><br/><strong>

Lifetime Guarantee on our Birds</strong><br/>
We guarantee that if during your lifetime, you are no longer able to properly care for your bird, or give your bird the attention it need's, we will accept the bird back on consignment and will find another great home for your bird. We do take a 40% commission and charge a nominal daily fee to feed and clean, but you can rest assured that you always have a place for your bird should the need arise. We are the only store in Florida to offer this guarantee as of the year 2000.   </div>