Inside Mount Lovebirds Wood Nest box


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Wood Nest Box For Love Birds is 6 1/2" Deep, 6 1/2" Wide, and 9" High from the top of the box to the base. Hole is 1 3/4" across. 

Nesting Box for Lovebirds hangs inside the cage. Box includes entry hole and wooden dowel that attaches to the front of the box for easy entry. 

The top of the Nesting Box lifts up for easy cleaning and for periodic views of the Mother and her Baby Birds! There is a small area in the center already dug out to assist the Mother Bird in building her nest and choosing the appropriate location.

  • Unvarnished Simon Poplar hardwood nest box
  • Carved indent on the inside floor to prevent eggs from rolling 
  • Top opens for easy cleaning after nesting season
  • Good for indoor/outdoor use
  • Nest boxes are natural colored and non tinted.
  • Actual wood colors may vary.

The wood in this item uses white glue. This is same safety glue used for children's wood toys.  In some instances, if the product has been sealed in a bag, you may notice the smell of glue.  This smell will go away after a short amount of time. In addition, please note that we do testing on our products - including the glue that is used.  Our products are pet-safe.