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- Weight: 18lb assembled.
- Dimensions: 51'' tall, by 23'' long, by 23'' deep (23'' by 23'' in diameter)

Bird Playstand Includes:
- 1 straight pine perch
- 2 stainless steel feeding cups
- 4 removable easy-glide wheels

Bird Playstand is good for:  Caiques, Queen of Bavaria Conures, Pionus, African Greys, Eclectus, Mini Macaws, Amazons, Smaller Cockatoos and similar sized birds.

Birds LOVE parrot play stand offers a safe and efficient way to move your feathered friend from room to room on 4 caster wheels, outdoors for a quick splash of sunlight and fresh air or next to you while you watch TV.
Also, having a bird stand is critical to the development of a properly socialized bird. Knowing by now that your bird should not play on top of its cage, on your shoulder or head, or anywhere else above your eye level, the importance of having a bird stand made from the proper material is critical.
When birds are above your eye level, they become dominant, more aggressive. For this reason a stand, lower than your eyes, is the best way to keep a younger parrot tame and well trained. DO NOT LET THEM PLAY ON THE TOP OF THEIR CAGE-THEY WILL GET AGGRESSIVE!
This Birds LOVE parrot play stand is powder coated with non-toxic paint. The perch is made of strong pine and has a length of 22” with a diameter of 1”. The easy to clean stainless steel, removable tray measures 21.5" in diameter with a depth of 2.5”.
It also comes with 2 removable stainless-steel cups as well as a toy hook that measures 20” in height with a distance of 17” from the perch to hang your parrot’s favorite toy (toys not included but can be found on links below).
Once assembled, the stand measures 72" in height, 24” in width and 22.5” in diameter and weighs 18#.

**Does not include the rubber square caps for tubes.
Tools required for assembly: Phillips Head Screwdriver and Pliers.

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