Giant Knots N Blocks Chewing Toy


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Your bird will want to throw a "block party" when he sees this toy. In fact, it's so massive that you might as well invite the neighbor's birds over to play! It?s not going to be destroyed in a matter of hours like most other wood toys. This one will be around for quite a while, thanks to its over-sized wooden blocks and chunks. Approximately 24 giant blocks and slats hang on this toy, and what?s different about its design is that each block hangs individually of the others via white cotton rope or colored sisal. Breaking one block will not send all the others crashing to the floor; your bird has to work on each block individually, which will ensure that the toy lasts longer than other wood toys.  For all of the largest parrots such as all large Macaws and Cockatoos

Dimensions 31x8x8