Foot Toy - Thick Parrot Pencil Medium


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Birds are notorious for getting in the way when we?re trying to do something, shredding our important papers, and generally getting into trouble. Keep them out of trouble and away from your papers with this faux wooden pencil. It looks just like the real thing ? so real, in fact, that our customers frequently take them from the front counter and try to write with them! It?s guaranteed to fool your bird as well, and make him feel like he?s helping you with your paperwork. Of course, making a big stink about it will make him think he?s getting into trouble ? which some birds seem to like better than being helpful! Please note that this is the larger pencil and is suitable for Cockatoos, large Amazons, and some Macaws. If you?ve got a smaller bird that would enjoy this toy, please see our smaller size.

Dimensions 6" x 1"