All Pets Supply Flat Top Aviary 32"x21"x65" Tall Flight Bird Cage - Black



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This UNBELIEVABLE bargain cage comes with a removable stand, and the stand has a shelf for convenient storage of bird toys, cage cleaners, and bird food. The cage has a non-toxic powder-coated finish, a slide-out plastic tray AND powder-coated grill for ease of cleaning, and the stand includes casters for ease of mobility. Cage is one piece, and and stand (included) is another piece. Bar spacing is 1/2", which makes it a great flight cage for all finches and canaries as well as an ideal cage for Parrotlets, small Conures like the Green Cheek Conure, Canary Winged parakeets, most Parakeets, Budgies, Cockatiels, and Lovebirds, even Sun Conures, Caiques and Senegals!

  • Large flight cage 1/2 inch bar spacing, slide out grill and plastic tray
  • Best value flight cage availble, bird safe
  • Great for all canaries, finch, cockatiels Lovebirds
  • Includes feeders 2 perches and rolling stand