Kisses Workshop Dragonwood Play Stand Large



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  • These natural wood stands are made especially for parrots using dragonwood for the perches.Choose small, medium or large wood. 
  • Available in two color choices to fit your decor. 
  • Patented assembly design allows NO exposed bolts or nuts - only the stainless steel eye-hooks.

These stands are natural wood. Therefore, variations will occur. They come with the stand as shown on casters so you can easily move the stand from room to room. These bird play gyms are perfect for all small, medium and large parrots such as Green Cheek Conures, Sun Conures, Senegal Parrots, Caiques, Amazon Parrots, African Grey Parrots, Cape Parrots, Hawkheaded parrots, Eclectus, Cockatoos and similarly sized birds.

Top tray measures approximately 25.5"x33" 
Tray height approximately 29.5" 
Total height approximately 50-54" H 
Some assembly required; ships in one box.