Graham's Parrot Toy BuzzSaw, Large



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Parrots are naturally driven to gnaw on wood to keep their beaks trimmed and to keep boredom at bay. This toy provides a fun way for your parrot to do just that. The colorful wooden blocks on this toy are about as thick as they come, measuring 1.5" in width. It's a perfect toy for all extra-large parrots that love to reduce wood to splinters. The blocks are hung on a durable nickel-coated metal chain, which can withstand even the biggest beaks. As your parrot chews through the blocks, they will slide down to the bottom of the chain. Because of this, we recommend positioning the toy so that your parrot can reach the bottom of it, rather than the top or middle.This will ensure that your parrot gets the most use out of the toy.

  • Please note that this toy may be inappropriate for parrots that chew metal parts due to the nickel coating on the chain.