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Boings come in many sizes and textures. This means that they are great for absolutely any bird and any use! They can function as a swing or a perch, and they are perfect for birds that need a little more exercise. Each movement your bird makes will cause the toy to move as well. This is wonderful for birds that love to bounce! Creative parrot owners have come up with lots of fun new ways to hang a Boing. Some choose to stretch it out and attach it to the outside of the cage as an exciting, moving perch. Others attach it to the roof, making a sort of inverted “bridge.” There is so much that can be done with a Boing, and of course they are 100% bird-safe. There are no sharp edges or glue for your birds to injure themselves with. And the cotton and sisal materials are soft on your bird’s feet. Please note that this is a Large Boing and is suitable for Macaws and Cockatoos. If you have a smaller bird that would enjoy this toy, please see our other sizes.