Birds LOVE Flower Crown Parrot Toy


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Decorate your bird's cage while providing a n exciting challenge to your bird's beak. Shaving wood tulips with several layers and tinny vine balls to grab on. Hide little treats on some of them to bring out their foraging instincts as they would do in the wild. Measures approximately 8x2 inches and it is perfect for Medium Parrots.

1- Bird Safe Materials: beautiful tulips made of shaving wood around a wooden ring and vine ball

2- Chewing & Foraging: bright colors that will peak their attention to play and chew the flowers, promoting a healthy and trimmed beak. Plus you can add treat into the vine balls to bring out their foraging instincts

3- For Medium Birds: Sun Conures, African Grey, Caiques, Mini Macaws, Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoos, Goffin Cockatoo, Rose Breasted Cockatoo, Pionus, Queen of Bavaria Conures, Quaker, Senegals, and Similar Sized Birds

4- Dimensions: this bird toy measures 8" x 7" but hangs at 17" height due to its long rope

5- Shipped from USA: This Birds LOVE toy is proudly sold by an American company and shipped from the USA to you!