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Physical Description: Cape parrots are very unique and are very rare in the pet trade. Very few Cape parrots remain in the wild, and they are classified as an endangered species. Their plumage is generally green with a silvery grey head and chest. Their “shoulders” are red and/or orange, as well as the forehead when they’re young. As adults, males will lose the orange band on the forehead, whereas females will retain it. This allows them to be visually sexed. Actually, all “Cape” Parrots for sale in this country are not truly Capes but another subspecies. Everyone says they are Capes in the US, so it has become standard to refer to thses birds as such. The real Cape Parrots are only in Africa.

Average Lifespan: 30 – 60 years

Sexing: Cape parrots are sexually dimorphic. Only the females have orange on their foreheads. The males will be entirely grey.

Origin: Africa (The Cape parrot is widely disbursed throughout the entire continent, making it very difficult to locate and track. It is known, however, that there are very few wild specimens left)

Trainability: Cape parrots are playful medium-sized birds with big personalities. They are extremely affectionate with their caretaker and other favorite people, but can by shy and reserved around strangers. They are easy to trick train, and enjoy entertaining their humans with acrobatics and playful antics. Most will learn to speak. They will pick up on key words and phrases that get them what they want, and will mimic sounds they like from their environment. These parrots appreciate a large cage with plenty of room for toys.

Loudness: Cape parrots are not necessarily loud birds, though they do like to talk a lot throughout the day. They seem to always have something on their minds, and enjoy trying to tell their caretakers all about it. Their voices are robotic and can be difficult to understand, but they generally do not scream or squawk the way most parrots do. They will make nice apartment birds if they are trained from the beginning that loud noises are not acceptable.

Pricing: Due to their rarity, Cape parrots are expensive birds. However, feel free to call our store at (954) 725-0088 for pricing and availability if you are interested in purchasing one.

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