6-Cotton Triangle Bird Swing, Small


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Our triangle swings have the advantage of being far sturdier than your average swing. Some birds are put off by the instability of regular swings and do not enjoy using them. For those birds, this is the ideal swing. They can climb and play comfortably without having to struggle for balance, and small toys can be added to the chain to create a miniature play gym. Triangle swings are great for more acrobatic birds as well because they allow birds to climb and hang in a variety of different ways. Typical swings allow for one position: sitting. But birds can climb all over these swings! Some birds enjoy throwing their weight to one side, which tips the swing and allows them to hang upside down. Regardless of how your bird chooses to use his triangle swing, he?s bound to love it. Please note that this is our smallest triangle swing and is suitable for Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parakeets, etc. If you have a larger bird that would enjoy this swing, please see our other sizes.

Dimensions 6" x 6"