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  • Feed your bird food what it LOVES and needs, not just what it needs. Hand Packed Nitrogen Flushed, No added preservatives, Best Quality Medium Parrot bird food blend available. Don't just feed boring brown or artificially colored pellets! They certainly do not eat pellets from pellet trees in the wild lol!
  • Fantastic food for your Sun Conures and Golden Conures, Quakers, Timneh African Greys, small Amazons such as White-Fronted Amazons, and small Cockatoos such as Lesser Sulfer-Crested and Goffins Cockatoos, Mini Macaws such as Severe Macaws, and similarly sized birds. Especially great for Amazons as they are more prone to fatty liver deposits which may be caused by Sunflower Seed diets. This upscale and healthy blend has NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS
  • Resealable Bag, Nitrogen-Flushed bag! Packed in the USA FRESH and CLEAN
  • Tested and Proven diet birds LOVE to eat and thrive on. Compare to leading brands who list a series of chemicals, You can pronounce all our ingredients: fruits, nuts, seeds, veggies, and no fillers or added preservatives because we nitrogen flush every bag!
  • Patented technique that dries the fruit so that is does not clump and stick; Safe to store excess food in freezer for future use