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  • Natural Stimulation: the 2-1/2 inches rattan balls will provide hours of chewing, foraging fun, to improve your bird behavioral training. Mental and physical stimulation will help your bird improve its feet muscles. Always watch your bird when playing with new toys.
  • Put Treats Inside: Don't just feed your bird in their dish every day! Make them forage for their food like they do in the wild! Bring out their natural instinct, give them mental stimulation
  • Suitable for birds and other animals: from medium to large birds as Timneh African Grey, Caiques, Sun Conures, Mini Macaws, Lesser Sulfer Crested Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons, Citron Cockatoos, Goofins Cockatoo, Pionus, Queen of Bavaria Conures, Quaker parakeets, Senegals, and Similar Sized Birds
  • Tested on all small animals: All of our designs are approved for stimulation and safety by our own pet birds - Suitable for rabbits, bunny, guinea pigs and other small animals – And why not for decorative purposes!