COVID-19 Prevention Policy

We are doing everything that is believed to keep both our staff and our clients safe during our new Coronavirus pandemic.

1. Our doors remain locked, but we are allowing up to 6 people in the store at the same time. Upon arriving please CALL the store and do not knock on door; we will only ask you to call.  All of our staff will also be wearing masks for safety.

2. We require that you wear a mask; if you do not have one then we can sell you one.  As you enter, we will spray your hands with a disinfectant.  We have marked 6 ft distances outside should there be a line, please respect those marks.  If you have a fever or a dry cough or severe muscle cramps or any other infection signs, then please STAY HOME and order from us at   If you do not agree any of the above procedures then we ask you either do curbside pickup, or order online.

3. We have installed a plexi shield for the cashier; please respect this barrier and only do transaction from the other side and behind the blue (6') line, as well as keeping your 6' social distancing indie the store

4. Groomings are now by advance reservation only by calling us at 954-725-0088.  We are only accepting 2 reservations per hour.  All birds must enter the store in a carrier, no exceptions.  This is for your bird's safety.  Any no-show willl be charged a $10 NO-SHOW fee if they do not cancel reservation 24 hours in advance.  

5.  Please be courteous to our staff.  They are putting themselves at risk by coming to work to assit you and your beloved pet(s).  They are working VERY hard, enjoy what they do, and do an excellent job.  Should you be rude or start arguing about any of these rules, you will be asked to leave.  We prefer nice happy clients, we all are having a tough time, let's not take out our frustrations on others.