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Home Wood Bird Toys
Mention the word wood, and Cockatoos and Macaws get googly-eyed, move their heads back and forth, and let out a big "MMMMMMMMM-Wood!"

Well, maybe not always. But all parrots love soft wood toys, and get tremendous pleasure out of turning the largest pine toys into the smallest toothpicks. Yes, sometimes it is faster than we think it should take. But believe us, you are doing your parrot a great service.

If you cannot afford to buy our low priced, large wood toys then you can make them yourselves with untreated wood. If you cannot or will not make the toys yourself, then do the right thing and find your parrot a home that will provide this neccesary venue of enjoyment. Really. Birds are shredders and chewers by nature, and breaking wood pieces is something that comes naturally to them.

If you are really lucky, your bird will enjoy hardwood toys, but most do not. If the toy cannot be fairly easily destroyed, then most birds lose interest and will not play with the toy.

It does not matter if the toy remains hanging in the cage for a time; a wood toy that is not destroyed within two months should be removed and tried again at a later time. A good bird toy is one that starts out hanging in the cage and quickly ends up on the bottom of the cage, in millions of glorious, tiny toothpicks.