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Volkman Diets have NO added preservatives or artificial ingredients

Volkman Avian Science and Featherglow Diets

Volkman bird seeds have been around since 1984 and are still going strong. Their bird diet ingredients come from all over the world to finally be blended together in fresh, colorful, and appetizing mixes for your pet bird! All Volkman ingredients are cleaned not once, but twice, before being blended together. Their 60,000 square foot plant safely and cleanly houses all of their mixes prior to shipment to their distributors. This prevents dust contamination, damage, and spoilage. Volkman's daily cleaning and rigid pest control measures ensure that only the highest standards are maintained.

Unless you purchase our repackaged Volkman bird food diets, all bird seed will arrive sealed in clean factory packaging.

$35.99 | $36.79