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Goldenfeast Bird Diets are All NATURAL (many items are organic), and are free from all ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES and ARTIFICIAL COLORS

Goldenfeast bird seed diets do NOT have artificial ingredients.

There are no preservatives, no artificial colors, no low-grade, black oil sunflower seeds, absolutely no unnecessary filler, ingredients you cannot pronounce, or toxic artificial vitamins!

Goldenfeast Bird Diets DO have

great human-grade ingredients including fruits, nuts, seeds, bee pollen, probiotics, and grains, made especially for birds!

Goldenfeast ingredients are always all-natural.

They use only human-grade white California sunflower seeds (much lower in bad oils than the cheaper, black sunflower seeds that other companies use), nuts, dried fruits, cooked and dried beans, and blends of all the healthy food birds love to eat. Our staff is guilty of occasionally snacking from the Goldenfeast bins. Just do the nose test: smell any Goldenfeast blend, and compare to any other blend. You will tell the difference immediately since Goldenfeast smells natural and delicious, unlike most other blends which either have no odor, or smell like chemicals.