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Home Foraging Bird Toys
Foraging bird toys are most likely the single most important type of toy for your bird. New studies show that parrots spend a minimum of FOUR HOURS DAILY foraging for food. Compare this method of feeding to how we currently feed parrots: simply placing a load of food in a dish and having them gorge themselves. Foraging keeps birds intellectually stimulated and reduces the "free time" that birds have for other (less desirable) behavior like screaming, self mutilating, and/or repetitive movements.

Start slowly if your bird is older. For example, our hollow vine balls are the perfect way to start - simply fill them with a treat, them present them to your bird. Then you can progress by getting other toys where the food is actually hidden inside a puzzle or inside boxes. If you have a baby hand-fed parrot, then start right away by hiding food around the cage, (for example, inside our Polly Wanna Pinata toys) slowly progressing to more and more challenging toys.
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