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This is a perfect rolling stand for all Small to Medium parrots. There is enough wood area for the bird to play, yet it is easy enough to roll anywhere !

All Bottlebrush bird play stands are harvested and made in the USA using our special, tried-and true method.

* Approximate dimensions of the playground: 18" deep x 23" wide x 51" high

* Top perch measures approx. 22"

* Includes 1 cup, eye hooks for toys, and stand. TOYS NOT INCLUDED.

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Kristy Garcia
Jax LOVES his new Bottlebrush Playgym!!

I can not say enough good about these Bottlebrush Play Gyms! We had one of these a very long time ago. Jax, my Yellow Nape Amazon, absolutely loved it then and loves his new one now!

He was standing on his “Java play stand" when this new gym was delivered (I call it a Java play "stand" because that is pretty much all he did on that one...stand)...and while I easily put this new Bottlebrush play gym together, I asked what he thought about it. His response was “mmmmmmm” with some head bobbing and wiggle wings! He remembered this play gym and was so excited to get on it! He was like a child on Christmas morning LOL.

In 32 seconds flat he climbed his Up and Over Bottlebrush Toy on the gym, he remembered well how much fun was to be had on that! He immediately started to chew some soft bark on the edges of this toy, and flapped and flapped and flapped his wings and made it bob up and down under his feet from those wing flaps. He was so happy! He went from a bored bird simply “standing” on the java play stand to a bird that was getting a full gym work out including wing flapping, climbing, chewing happily, and total enrichment from all these activities! We are both over the moon happy these Bottlebrush Playgyms are being made again!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for adding such fun, active enrichment to Jax's life.

Here is to many more years of fun on this new Bottlebrush Playgyym...and one happier healthier bird because of it! Below are a few pics of Jax all over this play gym - look at all that bark he has chewed in just a few hours! Is he smiling in that one shot? I think he is! LOL