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Please note: Free shipping is offered for Bird Products only. Live Bird Shipments require VIP (Very Important Parrot, that is) Services. Call us for more details on our First Class cabins! 877-755-BIRD or 954-725-0088

Caiques make wonderful companions, especially for children over 8 and senior citizens. Hand-fed babies are playful, curious, and energetic. In fact, Caiques have commonly been called the "clowns of the bird world" for their funny antics and amazing acrobatics. Caiques have oil-based preening glands, which means that their dander is kept to a minimum. This makes them a good choice of bird for families with allergies. However, the Caiques differ slightly from the Conures (and all other parrots) when you examine their down feathers (the extra-fluffy feathers underneath the colored feathers). Where most birds have white down feathers, the Caiques have grey. Caiques will have a life span of about 10-30 years. 

All of our birds come with an extensive health guarantee: We guarantee that the bird you are acquiring is free from any harmful diseases and does not have excessive amounts of any harmful bacteria.

Testing expenses are your responsibility; should there be any minor health issues that require treatment, we pay for all medications and all medical treatment at a Veterinarian of our choice. If a Vet exam reveals a life-threatening disease or serious genetic issues, then we will either replace your bird or give you a full refund of the purchase price.

All of the above having been said, we will not nor have we ever sold a bird which we thought was ill. Since parrots hide when they are sick, we can not always determine the true health of a parrot visually. It is for this reason that we offer the above guarantee; you are not required to test your parrot, but if you do, we have a strong guarantee to insure that you are starting out with a healthy parrot.

We look forward to a long relationship with our customers and their birds. Our goal is to be with you for the next 30-50 years, providing safe toys, proper diets, and non-toxic cages and play gyms for your companion parrot.

(Please note that all diagnostic testing is the responsibility of the buyer.)