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Large bolt-on bottlebrush cage perch for Large Parrots. Made in America from Bottlebrush, a native Florida wood. Bottlebrush has thick, lush bark that won't hurt your bird's feet. It is great for chewing and gnawing, which will keep your parrot's beak shaped and conditioned.

Please remember, because these perches are natural there may be variation in how they look. If you would like to specify any features such as extra branches, or notches please let us know.

These bird cage perches are best for all large parrots such as all large Amazons, Macaws and Cockatoos.

Each perch comes with two 2" fender washers and a wing nut or nylon bolt to attach to your bird cage.

Bird Perch Diameter: 1-1/2" — 2-1/2" Bird Perch Length: 12" — 16"

Hardware is made out of a high quality galvanized steel. To install properly, place one fender washer on the bird perch, place the perch inside the bird cage where desired, then put the other washer on the screw outside the bird cage, followed by the bolt or wing-nut. If it is a bolt, then you will need to use a wrench since the bolts are nylon and designed to be very difficult for the parrots to remove.

Customer Reviews

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Susan Edwards

Love the perches. Great service

Pamela Kallestad

EXCELLENT AS ALWAYS! Fast shipping. Thank you!

Joann Killion
Birds Really Do Love Bottlebrush Perches!

I've been getting my Moluccan cockatoo these bottlebrush perches for over 20 years now! I have two play gyms that are also bottlebrush that are over 20 years old and she still loves them! She isn't very interested in normal wooden toys but bottlebrush...she can't be without them!

You and your birds won't be sorry...give them a try!