Bird Play Gyms and Stands

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Home Bird Play Gyms and Stands
Home Bird Play Gyms and Stands
Tabletop or movable play gyms are a great way for you easily bring your parrot with you around to different rooms, dinner table, outdoors for a quick splash of sunlight, or next to you while you watch TV. They are all very light and easy to move from room to room, up and down stairs, and great to bring with you for those quick weekend getaways.

We have three main types of stands available: Bottlebrush, Java Wood (Islandwood), stainless steel with a sand coated manzanita perch, and dragonwood. All of the types of wood used for the stands listed below have been sold by us for no less than 10 years. They are safe, fun, well designed, and durable.

All parrots need to have at least one play gym!