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Home Bird Baths & Sprays
Birds should get baths regularly – they are fun, refreshing, and exciting! Most parrots and small birds love taking a shower, and we often recommend that humans purchase a shower perch for their birds so that both bird and human can shower together. Most days, a little water is all that’s needed. However, dander and oils can build up on your bird’s body over time and it is a good idea to use a bird-safe shampoo once a month. Recent research has found a strong correlation between dirty birds and feather plucking, so be sure to keep your bird’s plumage in the best condition possible. This is accomplished in two ways: with a healthy diet, and with baths!

You need to be extremely cautious when it comes to chemicals and parrots.

Parrots need to have at least a weekly bath to induce preening and to stay healthy. Our products are produced especially for birds, and have been tested on our own parrots for safety. We guarantee you will like the bird baths and sprays from Mango Pet Products (a company that carries only bird products) and Canopy Pet Products.